Friday, November 13, 2009

{Hem Tape} for denim

No time to hit the tailor? Double stick Hem Tape for denim is an easy no-iron, no-cut way to temporarily hem jeans.

Wear new too-long jeans instantly and test run a new length before tailoring.

Switch between lengths on the same jeans to wear with heels and flats.

Change with the trends and use to roll, cuff or crop jeans, pants or shorts.

Works great on most fabrics and won't leave behind sticky residue.

18 pieces in 1 durable width per pack. Perfect for travel and on the go fixes.

Price: $12
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A CUP--Hand Stamped Oxidized Sterling Silver Disc Necklace

I guarantee you that no one else will give the same gift as you. Give to a friend for her birthday or as a bridal shower gift. This is sure to get lots of laughs!

This necklace is part of a collection celebrating boobs. Plain and simple. If you don't see your cup size, it's only because it hasn't been added added yet, but it's coming!

So you're a A Cup? Ok so your cup doesn't runneth over. Nothing wrong with the perfect pour. Famous A Cups--Kate Hudson, Natalie Portman, Paris Hilton, Keira Knightley, Kate Moss.

Sterling disc measure 1/2". Sterling necklace measures 16" long, but is available 18" as well. Necklace will be shipped 16" unless noted otherwise during checkout. The chains I use are very durable so they will not break easily from rough play!

All items are cleaned in tumbler in special solution to ensure maximum shine. Pieces are sent in our black poesie/leather pendant or ring box. Then it is enclosed in white gift box with Metal Taboo logo and finished with red organza ribbon. Packaging is just as amazing as the item in it!

Shipping prices include delivery confirmation.
Price: $42
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Squiggle Monthiversary Onesies

Babies grow at an astounding pace... soon their adorable newborn wrinkles give way to squirrelly cheeks and unbearably cute leg chub. There are 12 onsies in this package. (for the 12 months - dah!)

Make sure not to miss the chance to document their transition from newborn to infant to toddler. Believe me, you will be so happy you did.
Celebrate your baby's "monthiversary" by photographing them in this set of 5 onesies. Each onesie is made with love using 100% cotton Carter's brand bodysuits using high quality transfer paper. Each onesie has a month indicated on the front.

The sizing is based off of the manufacturer's specifications for age/weight. These make wonderful baby shower gifts!

Washing instructions: Machine wash inside out with warm water. Dry immediately, low heat. Never, ever iron.
Price: $70
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