Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Drying Hydrangeas {It’s so easy}

I love fresh flowers. I love Hydrangeas. I will even tolerate dried flowers…. as long as they’re Hydrangeas.  Here’s an easy way to dry them.

Popsicles!! (Beat the Summer Heat}

What a wonderful wat to beat the heat!!  Popsicles as a way to cool myself down. I am planning on trying out a few of these yummy treats this weekend to see if I could spend some time outdoors getting a little sun while remaining cool.

1. Rainbow Popsicles // via Babble

Have any special cool popsicles recipes? I would love to hear about them!

Remember to stay cool!

Clean your Grates {Great Tip}

Who doesn't hate the greasing, grimy buildup on your burners?  Here is a great way to clean those grates!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Happy And You Know It Box Sign {Gift from Blone Birdie}

If you’re happy and you know it slap your friends. If you get it, you get it!  If you have the kind of friends that make you laugh until no sounds come out, then this is probably for you!

The box sign is 1.75" deep and can free stand or hang for wall display.  (Measures 5" x 3", Painted wood, Imported)

Price: $8.00

Buy Here

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Masha - Silver {Pull Tab Purse}

Designed for women who like to keep their hands free, the Masha slings across the chest and hangs comfortably on your hip. Supple and lightweight, it's hand crocheted with over 1,600 recycled aluminum pull-tabs. Comes with nylon fabric liner, YKK zipper closure, one inside zipped pocket, shoulder strap with hand crocheted padding.
  • Slings across the chest and hangs comfortably on your hip
  • Made from recycled pull-tabs
  • Nylon fabric liner and zipper closure.
  • An external flap covers the zipper
  • Handmade in Brazil by Women's Cooperatives
  • Size: 9.5H x 12L x 2W (inches)
  • Lightweight: 1.5 lb

Price: $180
Buy Here