Tuesday, June 9, 2009

green your office

The Bamboo Box: Holding the Key to a Sustainable Environment + your stuff. Don’t just love this box because it’s beautiful. Love it because bamboo is sustainable, durable and green! Unlike a tree, which can take years to replace, bamboo is a fast-growing grass that regenerates naturally.

Greening Your Office Book: Since we are all trying to lead a greener life at home, its time to share your knowledge and passion about health, wellness and a greener lifestyle with your co-workers and colleagues. Share Greening Your Office. You’ll make quick strides towards a healthier, more efficient and better place to get stuff done!

Klean Kanteen: is an attractive, stylish and reuseable stainless steel liquid container. These are some of the original stainless steel containers and they are made with serious concern for the environment and even more serious oversight of their manufacturing facilities in China. This ensures that the kanteens are produced under fair wage and environmentally friendly conditions. Not to mention they are BPA free and have wide spouts accepting ice cubes and easy cleaning

Bamboo Pen: Write down all that needs to be said using this bamboo pen. You will be able to trade away the plastic writing implements that bog us (and our landfills) down as you craft your new company environmental policy, or your speech about reducing your firm's carbon footprint.

"Green" Stationary: Write Your Messages On This Paper To Make A Point. This lush green stationary is actually recycled post-consumer content. Instead of writing on dead trees you are expressing yourself on gorgeous paper that expresses your need to go green.The paper is sourced and made in the USA at environmentally friendly mills and even the wrapping is biodegradable.
Price: $40
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