Monday, June 1, 2009

Energy-Saving Deluxe Floor Lamp

We just bought this full specturm floor lamp. The style was based on lamp designs premiered at the St. Louis Exposition in 1904, the Brookfield™ Deluxe Full Spectrum Lamp takes the traditional reading lamp to a new level and is a perfect combination of antique styling and 21st century efficiency. The bulb last 6 years! They forgot to send the "included bulb" with the original box. I emailed them and got a very nice email back saying they were sorry and would send one right away, which they did.

some features we like about this lamp:

  • 10,000 hour bulb saves $100 in energy when compared to incandescent bulbs; delivering 150Watt equivalent of bright white light while using only 26W of power
  • glare reduction system provides unrivaled reading comfort without eyestrain
  • Lamp head swivels 360ยบ to shine full spectrum light exactly where you need it most
  • 3 attractive finishes to match any decor: Nordic Bronze, Brushed Nickel, Aged Bronze
  • backed by a 1-year limited warranty
  • Energy-efficient technology helps reduce greenhouse emissions
  • Flicker Elimination Technology® which adjusts light output 20,000 time each second so your eyes relax
  • Ergonomic design that allows easy height and light direction

Price: $149.95
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