Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Pure Olive Oil Natural Soap

This soap is excelent for skin because is composed mainly of pure olive oil. Olive oil is the king of all soapmaking oils and fats. Emollient and conditioning, olive oil protects the skin while, at same time letting it "breathe" and mantains its natural moisture levels.

This soap has passed a long curing period of more than 10 weeks, so, the soaps become quite hard and long lasting. Olive oil soaps have excellent cleaning qualities. This kind of soaps are traditionally called "Castile soaps" and seems to have originated in the Castile region of Spain.

We use an antique recipe for this kind of soap, collected in this region. So, you can see is an authentic pure Castile soap. These soaps are aromatized with essential oils of Orange, Oregano and Jara. All they typical Spanish Aromas. One olive natural soap carefully packaged. Size is 2.85 oz (80 gr.)
Price: $5.50
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