Thursday, June 25, 2009

Recycled Bottle Cap Hair Clips

These bottle cap hair clips are precious! I couldn't resist and ordered a couple for my grand daughters. What's really cool - besides recycling bottle caps - is that NO TWO are alike as they get the designs from recycling pictures from magazines!

While trying to go green and finding ways to cut cost on buying many birthday gifts for her 4 year old daughters girlfriends, owner, Dawn started knitting frilly scarfs and wanted something cute to go with them. She decided after saving hundreds of bottle caps from family and friends that she would put them to use and make unique Bottle Cap hair clips.

The first Dawn made turned out so cute that she started spending hours making more. Each Bottle Cap hair clip has a design or pattern that comes from magazines that she recycles. Dawn loved seeing how each one had such a unique look and thought she would start selling them.
Price: $5
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