Wednesday, January 27, 2010

{Eco Lunch Box} Personalized

This darling lunch box is a personalized creation from FreckleBox. They have tons to choose from! Early Bird Personalized Lunch Boxes are a lunch box bonanza! These personalized lunch boxes are not only perfect for mealtimes, they’re also ideal for holding all of your kid’s little treasures. (Dimensions: 7−5/8" w x 6" h x 4" d)

Scott and Mark are the 'Founding FreckleHeads' behind the Frecklebox company! That's right... this company was founded by DADS! Check out their About Us page. Both guys dove into the baby making business over a decade ago. You see, as parents, these guys take the job of expanding their children’s minds very seriously. And as business people, they’ve been on a relentless mission to explore the possibilities of web-based digital printing. Presto. Frecklebox was born. Hopefully, a great big Frecklehead family will follow.
Price: $26.95
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