Tuesday, January 19, 2010

{Eco Purse} Small Messenger Seatbelt Bags

Small Messenger Bags. Maggie bags give new life to unwanted seatbelts by creating a sophisticated line of messenger bags and purses! The perfect size for your recycled wallet, organic lipstick, and a half eaten bag of chips. The eclectic brown and pink are like candy…with a beautiful lining in silky lavender, lots of pockets, and light weight. These recycled seatbelt bags will stop traffic…pun intended.

The world wide demand for cars and trucks has left behind an abundance of surplus man-made materials. Each year tens of thousands of yards of seat belt webbing are rejected for the slightest color variation, making the strap useless to the car makers. Designed to be used as a life saving seatbelt in the car, this high quality material is made to last (Remember the crash dummies?!). Great purse to brighten up your winter.

Dimensions: H 9.5” x W 11.5” x W 4.5”

Price: $77
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