Thursday, January 21, 2010

{Take Back the Tap} Tap Water better than Bottled!

I saw this great article about a campaign to tell the truth about bottled water and get Americans back to drinking from the tap! I was intrigued and decided to write about it here on my blog.

The campaign gurus say; "The next time you have thirst, don't unscrew that cap, think about the Earth first, and drink water from the tap!"

College campuses, cities, and restaurants across the nation have pledged to kick their bottled water habits by joining the Take Back the Tap campaign. The truth, they have found, is that bottled water is not generally safer, cleaner, or healthier than water from the tap.
Why have I believed that bottled water was better. Why have I been paying $1 plus for a bottle of water instead of filling up my eco friendly (and cute) water container from my tap. After reading the Take Back the Tap campaign, I am ready to save my money and drink the healthy water. Though, I'm not really sure where my water is coming from (I see the water tower from my country home) but I plan to find out, and that's a story for a later time. Right now, I'm jumping on this bandwagon and saving me some cash. Come on America, the time has come to take back the tap!
The EPA, as well as state and local governments regulate tap water. Unfortunately, bottled water is only subjected to the FDA's guidelines, which are years behind the EPA standards.
Environmentally, bottled water creates a huge amount of waste. Furthermore, it wastes fossil fuels and water in production, releases green house gases, and its components can leach into water supplies and cause health problems. And not to mention what the bottles do to our land fills! ...can you believe this? (wth)

Tap water costs roughly $0.002 per gallon while bottled water can cost anywhere from $0.89 to $8.26 per gallon. The reality is that 40% of bottled water is nothing more than tap water with added minerals.

Every year we fall more than $20 billion short of what is needed to maintain our public water and sewage systems. Congress needs to establish a clean water trust fund to ensure that current and future drinking water supplies are safe and healthy.

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